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A Woodworking Heritage

From his humble beginnings producing pencil boxes in his parents’ backyard as a 14-year-old, founder of GFP Machines, Gys Potgieter has become a trusted and respected name in the woodworking machine industry.

Woodworking – in one form or another has always been part of Gys Potgieter’s life, from pencil boxes to lamps, bookshelves and side-tables, to supplying furniture shops on a regular basis with his own unique designs from the age of 16 years. Potgieter established GF Potgieter Enterprises, and with its Duralog brand, it quickly grew into a household name, supplying furniture on a large scale to many of the country’s biggest retail outlets.

Gys has always remained true to his passion for woodworking. For him, craftmanship is a language of patience, perfection and determination – creating natural objects of lasting beauty.

GFP Woodwork Machines is a culmination of Gys’s 34 years’ experience as master woodcrafter and continued focus on his passion. Today, he regularly travels to countries around the world to source only the best pre-owned and new woodworking machines.

“Remember; you don’t always need the most expensive piece of machinery to get the job done. Instead of over-extending your cash flow to buy machines you can’t afford, a quality pre-owned machine could be all you need to get the job done.”
- Gys Potgieter

Gys’ vast experience in all areas of woodworking and his first-hand knowledge of the industry’s challenges, coupled with his significant business acumen, equips him to provide a holistic personal buying experience. 

GFP Woodwork Machines is driven by the passion of creation, providing the best machinery in quality and affordability – with personal service to match.

Our Johannesburg Showroom

Conveniently located just 15 minutes south of the Johannesburg city centre, our impressive double story showroom contains over 450 top quality new and pre-owned woodwork machines – giving you the biggest selection and the best value.

Why not visit our showroom, browse through our selection of woodworking machines and share your advice and tips with our experts?

Plot 7, R554, Eikenhof, Johannesburg (click on the icon to find us on Google Maps)

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Your Home of Quality Woodwork Machinery

About Us 2

GFP Machines is a trusted supplier of quality pre-owned and new woodwork machinery based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The largest stock of wood machines on the continent.


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