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Buying Used wood work machines? 5 Reasons why this is a good choice.

Buying new machines for your workshop or business is a major investment that requires good thought. This guide gives a few pointers on why purchasing Pre-Loved wood work machines is a much better investment than buying new wood work machines.


Let’s be honest, buying new woodwork machines will be expensive. The prices of new woodwork machines will be 2 – 3 times higher than the average used woodwork machine. If you are taking out a loan or getting an investment to pay for the machine the prices on the interest of that loan will increase the cost even more. With a used  woodwork machine, It saves you on loan interest because now you loan a lesser amount.

Using your budget on used woodwork machines allows you more options to replace more machines in your workshop or business.  Used machines do not come with the upfront costs that new machines do, and you also avoid much of the sales talk “extended warranty, the bigger the better” etc.

Resell value

Purchasing used pre-owned machines allows you to maximize your money when the time comes to trade it in or sell it. Much like cars, new machines take a value hit once they leave the showroom floor. On top of this, over time there is also depreciation. Value loss once you buy a pre-owned woodwork machine barely changes, and depreciation is slower on used machines. Value on pre-owned machines extend much further.

Availability of the machine

Second hand woodwork machines are always immediately available. Once a sale is completed in the second hand woodwork section, the machine will be removed from market listing. All machines in the market are machines immediately available for the first-come and first-buy customer.

Second hand machines are also normally pre-assembled, tested, repaired and simply require getting put onto a delivery van and delivered to begin work. No unpacking or unwrapping and assembly required. You can work immediately.

Brand and quality of the machine

New woodwork machines are expensive. Purchasing a well-known brand is even more expensive. Buying a used woodwork machine allows you the option to select premium without the premium price. All the same value, available for you, simply at a better price, the better price honestly speaking.

Reputable woodwork machine suppliers

It is important to do complete research on the company that is selling the machine. Online reviews, in person visits, previous clients are some of the places you can investigate to ensure that the reputation of the company is good. Only purchase from companies with a good reputation to ensure that you get the best quality machine at the best value. Companies that sell used machines value sale and service more because customers buy this too. New suppliers rely on product and sales tactics while used suppliers rely on product  quality, service quality and company reputation.

GFP machines gives clients a 7 day money back guarantee, 3 month warranty and a quality check promise to all our customers. We have been in business for over 20 years and many of our clients purchase multiple machines from us over many years because we are a supplier they know they can trust. We only supply quality machines.

Other factors that make buying used machines better

  1. Used woodwork machines are environmentally friendly in the fact they did not go through the industrial process again.
  2. Older wood work machines are much easier to maintain, operate and repair. Newer machines and newer technology may not have this benefit.
  3. There is more experience and support in machines that have been around for many years vs something that has recently been released onto the market with no existing users or experts to account for the reputation of the machine.
  4. Many new suppliers are supported/sponsored by the brands they sell.  This may be due to an agreement in place, sole distribution rights, more markups on price or this may be an internal house brand they are trying to push.


We hope these factors are enough to convince you to consider buying used wood work machines. We truly feel buying used is much better than buying new. Come and visit our show room in Johannesburg South Africa in person or online to view all our machines. We offer demos on all machines.

All our used machines come with a warranty, service promise and quality service to every customer. GFP wood work machines is a reputable wood work machine supplier and have a team with many years of experience in the wood work industry.

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