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The Jointsmart JSM 250 Industrial Resaw

Today we are reviewing the Jointsmart industrial resaw, a excellent machine at an affordable price.ย 

In this article we give some of the specifications and more info on this machine.

JOINTSMART JSM 250 Industrial Resaw

When it comes to resaws, one must always think about durability, construction and production speed. With this resaw you have all three, this saw comes fitted with a tungsten tipped saw blade (TCT), which makes cutting much faster and easier. The blade stays sharp for much longer, which increases production and reduces downtime. One can also cut at a much higher feed speed and lower temperature. (The resaw can also be fitted with a normal saw blade)

JOINTSMART JSM 250 Industrial Resaw
JOINTSMART JSM 250 Industrial Resaw

The resaw has hydraulic feed for ultimate cut quality and smoothness, it is also fitted with a return conveyor for easy of operation and production.

It has a specially designed pneumatic hold down system to ensure accurate cutting and constant feed speeds, which is also assisted with a shock absorber.

It is ideal for splitting and ripping square timber pieces or cants into usable planks or even veneer slices. It has a digital sizing display, and electronic adjustments, making changing sizes quick and simple.

It also has a very fast production speed with auto feed of up to 28m per minute. The conveyor feed rise & lower are powered by hydraulic cylinders, which makes sizing extremely accurate.

This is truly an amazing machine, very accurate, quiet and durable. Surprisingly easy to operate with minimal downtime.

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Width of conveyer belt


Max work piece size

250mm x 220mm

Feeding speed

0 โ€“ 28m / min

Diameter of saw roller



Jointsmart JSM 250

Main saw motor power


Hydraulic feed motor power


Hydraulic pressure

23 โ€“ 35kg /cm

Size of saw blade

4585 x 27 x 1.6mm


380 volt

Overall dimensions

2780 x 2180 x 1880mm

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