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Multi Saw Katana Automatic Profile Grinder –New -South Africa (SG3U)

  • Top quality locally manufactured machine from South Africa. Strong and industrial build for Africa
  • Profile grinder suitable for sharpening band saw blades including satellite, TCT and swage blading
  • Automated wet-grinding machine that shapes saws to have the desired tooth shape, or profile
  • Combines the flexibility of CNC profile grinders, with the ease of use and maintenance found in older cam driven machines. It is capable of grinding any profile, simple to set up and easy to use.
  • The blade is clamped at all times and does not move during sharpening
  • Fully automatic machine – enter number of teeth and machine does the rest
  • Dual grind cycle, for rough grind followed by smooth grind
  • Simple approach for minimal setup time, ease of use and simple maintenance
  • Can be set up to also sharpen frame saws and circular saws
Sawblade width 80mm – 300mm
Sawblade length 4,8m min
Tooth pitch 22mm – 60mm
Hook angle 10° – 35°
Grinding motor 3kW
Grinding wheel 350mm diameter
Grinding wheel speed 40m/sec (optimum)
Grinding style wet
Connected load 6kVA

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